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Salted butter caramel : the delight of Brittany

It is one of the great culinary pleasures that Brittany, which has already invented many, offers to those who offer to discover its gastronomy: the salted butter caramel. Butter, salted moreover, and in sugar, admit that it was necessary to dare! And it is an absolute delight, to be savored with pancakes for example. Monsieur de France gives you here, with his agreement, the recipe of his Breton aunt : marie-Annig.


It is one of the great specialties of Brittany. It can be served with pancakes, which the region has become a specialist in, or with waffles. You can also pour it on pancakes. Semi-liquid, which makes it easy to spread, salted butter caramel is also delicious when it has hardened. It can even be made into candy.


The ingredients


  • 100 grams of white powdered sugar (not brown sugar)
  • 50 grams of semi-salted butter
  • 25 Cl of liquid full cream .


Du caramel au beurre salé à la texture parfaite. Photo choisie par : Dépositphotos.

Salted butter caramel with the perfect texture. Photo chosen by Dépositphotos.


The process


  1. Cut the butter into pieces.
  2. In a small saucepan, heat the cream so that it is warm when you start the caramel.
  3. Put the sugar in a stainless steel pan and melt it until it "colors" (it becomes light brown)
  4. Add the butter to the melted sugar and mix briskly
  5. Add the cream and mix briskly (mix quickly to avoid lumps).
  6. Let it warm up for a few minutes (2 or 3 minutes)
  7. Pour into a small jar




The best thing is to use it right away. It is better. But it can also be kept for a few days in the refrigerator.

If you like chocolate, you can add a few squares of chocolate (not too much and especially dark).

Jérôme Prod'homme

Jérôme Prod'homme

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