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Tourism in France

How to visit the Louvre, the largest museum in the world?

It is the largest museum in the world and also one of the oldest in the world. Before becoming a place of culture, the Louvre was the home of the kings of France in Paris and its walls have seen many of the greatest moments in French history. With Monsieur de France, discover the history of the Louvre and our tips for a pleasant visit...

French cooking

What is the recipe for a good quiche lorraine ?

It is the most famous French dish and the most sold in the world: the quiche lorraine. A very simple dish that comes from a region that is generous in quantity. With Monsieur de France, discover the recipe of the real quiche lorraine as it is still made in this beautiful region of France that is Lorraine...

So French

All about Champagne

Champagne is the most famous wine in the world. Its bubbles have accompanied great events, public or private, for ages. A wine that we have long regretted ... The bubbles ! Before finding them very pleasant and making them the trademark of Champagne. What is its history? How to choose your champagne ? How many bottles for a wedding or a party? All the answers from Monsieur de France are here.

French Destinies

Who was Pierre de Coubertin?

It was the Greeks who invented the Olympic Games over 3,000 years ago, but it was a Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin, who resurrected them after they had disappeared. The initiator of the modern Olympic Games, and thus of PARIS 2024, he knew what he was talking about, as he was a great sportsman himself. Meet a man who left his mark on the history of mankind.

Made in France

Who was Coco Chanel ?

It is a name that is known all over the world. A synonym of elegance and refinement. Probably the greatest name in French fashion. Discovery of an amazing destiny: that of Coco Chanel.

French expressions

"être en grève" to be on strike

"Etre en grève" means to be on strike, so not to work in order to protest and make demands. This expression is very old, but it didn't have the same meaning in the beginning. To be on strike was even to look for work.

Latest articles from Monsieur de France

French cooking Lorraine / Grand Est region

The 30 must-try specialities in Lorraine

If there's one gourmet region in France, it's Lorraine. It's renowned for the number of culinary specialities it has to offer. Discover 16 of Lorraine's specialities and our recommendations for tasting or even cooking them.