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How to make a real whipped cream ? here its history and our recipe

The whipped cream is as old as the cream, we find trace of it in Italy since the Renaissance, even if it was probably invented even earlier, but the Chantilly cream, the real one, is much more than that. Sugar is added to the cream (thickly) and it's so much better than those bottles that spray you with a tasteless stuff unjustly called "chantilly". Monsieur de France reminds you of the origin and especially gives you his recipe for Chantilly.


Where does Chantilly come from ?

If the idea of whipping cream to make it thicken and swell seems very old, it seems that it is in France that the idea of adding sugar and even a little vanilla to make a cream dessert was born. It must be said that, far from the light whipped cream in a siphon, the real Chantilly cream is very consistent and above all: a Chantilly cream always contains sugar and even a little vanilla.

Le Château de Chantilly au temps de François VATEL. Né en Suisse, l'intendant avait son métier très à coeur puisqu'il s'est suicidé parce que les produits de la mer qu'il avait commandés n'arrivaient pas et qu'il ne supportait pas l'idée de ne pouvoir satisfaire son prince et son roi. Fait terrible : les produits sont arrivés le lendemain de sa mort...

The Château de Chantilly at the time of François VATEL. Born in Switzerland, the intendant took his job very much to heart because the seafood he had ordered did not arrive and he could not bear the thought of not being able to satisfy his prince and king. Terrible fact: the products arrived the day after his death...


The legend tells us that it would be the invention of François VATEL (1631-1671). Intendant of the Prince of Condé, at the castle of Chantilly (precisely), he was in charge of organizing the table and the receptions of the prince, cousin of King Louis XIV. He would have invented the Chantilly cream, he who never lacked culinary ideas, when the Prince of Condé received the Sun King. The hypothesis is tempting, so much the man had genius, but it seems erroneous. What seems certain is that the name Chantilly was given to the cream because the castle of Chantilly was renowned for the quality of its cuisine and its creativity and perhaps, also, because the cream was good there, and it was prepared with sugar at the end of the 18th century to please the guests of the princes of Condé.



Our Chantilly cream recipe


Le secret d'une bonne chantilly : bien fouetter la crème ! photo choisie par : Sorin Gheorghita sur Unsplash


The ingredients


  • 20 cl of heavy cream (the real thing!)
  • 30 grams of powdered sugar.



The process


First, consider putting a large bowl, or even a salad bowl, in the fridge. Either the day before in the refrigerator, or 15 minutes in the freezer.

  1. Gently pour the cream into the bowl
  2. Beat it gently with a whisk for a few moments (or with an electric mixer on low speed).
  3. It is by beating that you will incorporate air and make "rise" your whipped cream
  4. Pour in the sugar and beat the cream vigorously.
  5. Beat the cream quickly, so that it makes waves that stay in shape.

Be careful, if you beat too long, the cream will fall and you will have to start again.



(or put the whipped cream in the refrigerator).


Tips from Monsieur de France


To be successful, you need to keep the fresh cream cold. As cold as possible. Make your whipped cream when you take it out of the refrigerator. Be careful though: cold but not frozen. The container must also be cold (put it in the fridge the day before). If you want to keep your whipped cream for a while, think of putting a plastic film on the container.


Ideas for the Chantilly


You will be surprised when you taste the real whipped cream. It's nothing like the classic whipped cream, full of air and water. Real whipped cream holds well and there is nothing like a bowl of real whipped cream to accompany fresh fruit, starting with strawberries, which you dip in the cream, or cherries or blueberries, which you can mix with it. You can also put it on pancakes or waffles. The Chantilly is of multiple French receipts, in particular in the famous peach Melba of which you will find here the recipe .

There may be some translation errors: sorry! Our translator had indigestion and it's the boss's son, 12 years old, who wrote the article. 

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Jérôme Prod'homme

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