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He imagined the most beautiful gardens in France: André Le Nôtre, artist and gardener

One of the beauties of France is its art of gardens. In Versailles, but also in Paris in the Jardin des Tuileries or the Jardin du Luxembourg, or even in Vaux le Vicomte, in Chantilly and in many castles, the gardens are, in themselves, a reason to come. So much beauty that we owe, for the most famous parks in France, to André Le Nôtre: the gardener of the Sun King.


A dynasty of gardeners

Jardin et Château de Versailles / photo Kirill Neiezhmakov/ Jardin et Château de Versailles / photo Kirill Neiezhmakov/ 

He wrote nothing and his tomb disappeared in the revolutionary storm, and yet André Le notre will have left his mark on earth. And what a track! In the ground itself! The most beautiful gardens in the world. Born in 1613 in Paris, he has it in his blood, he who descends from a father and a grandfather who were already gardeners.

André Le Nôtre / gardener of the king Louis XIV

What will make Le Nôtre a completely innovative gardener and the first famous gardener is that, in addition to his knowledge of plants, he follows a 6-year training course with the painter Vouet. This allows him to imagine daring gardens. Ours literally submits nature to the decorations it traces. He first imagines a work of art and then a garden.


Discovered by Louis XIV at Vaux, he created the gardens of Versailles.

Les jardins de Vaux le Vicomte / photo Francois BOIZOT/ Les jardins de Vaux le Vicomte / photo Francois BOIZOT/ 

Leveling hills, growing trees, installing groves like so many enchanting decorations. Noted for his work of Vaux le Vicomte, he was called upon by Louis XIV for whom he imagined incredible gardens at Versailles. His work is the pride of the king who even writes a guide to visit them. Nicknamed "Le bonhomme Le Nôtre" by Louis XIV, genius rarely left the reputation of having been a nice person during his life. He who knew that things must be done seriously without taking himself seriously, took 3 snails for his coat of arms when Louis XIV ennobled him.

Jardin et Château de Versailles / photo Vivvi Smak/ Jardin et Château de Versailles / photo Vivvi Smak/ 

We owe André Le Nôtre the gardens of Versailles, Chantilly and many castles that attract tourists from all over the world. Who knows if France would be the number one tourist destination in the world if the Sun King had not had the King of Gardeners with him?

Excuse the translation errors. Our translator fell into a pool in the park of Versailles and he caught a cold, he has trouble concentrating...

Les jardins de Versailles / photo RossHelen/ Les jardins de Versailles / photo RossHelen/ 

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