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This is the most famous monument in Paris: the Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower is the most beautiful work of a passionate engineer named Gustave Eiffel. We owe him many works, especially bridges, and not only in France. This Tower, very criticized in its time by a part of the French, became the emblem of Paris. Here is its history in a few words.


Inaugurated in the year of the Centenary of the French Revolution 

On March 31, 1889, the so-called "300-meter tower" was inaugurated and became the highlight of the Paris World's Fair. It is called "the Eiffel Tower" after its brilliant designer, Gustave Eiffel, 57 years old, already well known for his audacious constructions and whose project was chosen among 107 others. The Tower 2,500,000 rivets, 18,000 parts, 7,300 tons of iron, 60 tons of paint... Ah and 20,000 light bulbs today. 

Gustave Eiffel en 1893

It attracts more than 7,000,000 visitors per year. 

It took 2 years and 5 months of construction to realize this marvel. Gustave was not alone, there were many miners to extract the metal, workers to build it, and engineers to solve the many problems of this architectural challenge of course but also scientific! Foundations had to be dug as never before, the shape and materials had to be adapted to the wind, the cold, the heat, in short, Nature had to be taken into account. In the spirit of the time, all this was only temporary. It was the radio that saved the Eiffel Tower when it became a gigantic transmitter a few years later. Fortunately!

La Tour Eiffel / photo Catarina Belova/ La Tour Eiffel / photo Catarina Belova/ 

In 2019, excluding covid, the Eiffel Tower has more than 7,000,000 visitors. It is today the most famous symbol of Paris and France. And it does us honor since the largest Frenchwoman in the world, in addition to being the tower of the Audacity, of a solidity to any test, it is beautiful!

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